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Bill offers an online course once a year, in which he teaches you what you need to know to:
  • Figure out what your book is about
  • Decide which book to write first if you have several ideas
  • Get your book written in record time
  • How to write well, even if you are not a good or natural writer
  • How to get your book completed even if you have a busy life
  • Decide whether to self-publish your book or seek a publisher
  • How to snag a publisher and a literary agent if you decide to seek a publisher
  • Coaching from Bill on your book project

Getting on the mailing list at will get you advance notice of the course when it is offered again.

This is the introduction to Bill's book (published July 2007), Write is A Verb (Writers Digest Books).

Download the PDF by ctrl-clicking (Mac) or right-clicking (Windows) the
WIAV Introduction file below and then selecting "Download linked file" or "Save file to disk" or whatever choice your particular browser gives you.
WIAV Introduction

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