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Youthful Aging:
Five Ways to Staying Vital as We Age
Host: Bill O’Hanlon
Expert: Ron Kaiser, Ph.D.

Psychologist Ron Kaiser, in his 70s, has created five simple yet powerful ways for staying vital and avoiding the seemingly inevitable process of deterioration as we age.

In this hour-long teleseminar, you will learn:

  • How to challenge the myth that growth stops in older life (and the new brain science that shows that growth can continue through our entire life)
  • How to avoid the trap of spending time only with people of your own age to help keep yourself alive
  • The importance of having compelling goals at any age to keep you young
  • How to be a lifelong learner and push yourself into new technology areas to keep your brain alive
  • Using insights from Positive Psychology to age youthfully
  • Why having meaning and purpose can stave off age-related declines
  • How to avoid speaking gerontese

The call is all over, but Ron has generously let me distribute the recording to you.

But he wants to know who got it and have a chance to connect with you.

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