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Here’s a small sampling of what is available from Bill, who has written and published over 30 books and coached over 100 from others into publication:

How to Write a Great Query Letter e-Report $15.00

One way to sell your book to an agent or a publisher is to hook them with a great opening letter. Here's some guidelines from someone who has sold 30+ books so far. Instant download.

Secret Book Title Formula audio download $10
Gives you the secret formula for creating bestselling titles and subtitles based on Bill O'Hanlon's study of bestsellers from 1900 to the present as well as his own experience writing 34+ books and coaching others to write and sell their books. Purchase it by clicking the Add to Cart button below.

Top 10 Questions About Getting An Agent Audio download $16
Inside information from Bill O'Hanlon about finding a literary agent to represent and sell your book to top publishers. Purchase it by clicking the Add to Cart button below.

How to Write a Proposal and Sell Your Non-Fiction Book e-Book $50.00
From the author of 30+ books, this e-book will tell you what you need to know to write a kick-ass proposal that is likely to sell your book to an agent or a publisher. Without it, you could be floundering for some time or end up by default self-publishing your book. The hard-won knowledge in this e-book could bring you thousands of dollars in advances for your book as well as getting it published.

Five Myths about writing a book audio download $7
Discover the common misconceptions about writing a book and getting it published. Purchase it by clicking the Add to Cart button below.

How to Tell a Story Teleseminar Recording $60

Storytelling is an ancient means of effective and evocative communication. But not all stories or storytellers are created equal. This seminar, by master storyteller Bill O'Hanlon, will give you what you need to know to put together and tell a great story. For speakers, writers, therapists, coaches and just anyone who wants to be a great (or better) storyteller.

Includes handouts, slides and bonus story audio, as well as the recording of the call.

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Publishing 101 Telecall Audio $14.95

Proposal Basics Telecall $9.97