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Video: Tech Secrets for Speakers $50
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We've all been to talks or presentations in which technical problems disrupted or diminished the audience's experience of the talk. But the technical aspects of speaking are not that complicated. There are only a few things speakers need to know to use technology effectively.

Bill O'Hanlon, a veteran speaker of 30+ years experience, shows you:
Microphone basics
How to get sound out of your computer
How to get visuals out of your computer
The simple secret to keep your laptop from being stolen while on the road
A simple device to get people's attention after exercises and breaks without yelling
How to connect your laptop to an LCD projector
How to control slides remotely (and how to avoid the wrong kind of controller that many speakers get)
The three essential types of cords to bring along to stave off problems (a small investment that can pay off big time)

When you purchase this video, you get two options for consuming it.
1. You can download the video and have it on your computer to watch again and again.
2. You can save space on your computer hard drive by watching it (with unlimited access) on the web.

Both options are included.

To sweeten the offer and support you in your speaking success, this video is available for the first month with several bonuses:
Becoming a Paid Speaker e-book (sells for $50; included in the package)
The Web For Speakers video: How speakers can Use the Internet for inexpensive marketing and supplemental income (sells for $15; included in the package)
Adding Sound and Movies to Slides tutorial video (sells for $15; included in the package)

So the total package, if purchased separately, would cost you $130. And for now, it is all just $50.

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Becoming a Paid Speaker e-Book $50.00
Learn from a professional speaker who has been making a living at it for 30 years all the tips and tricks for how to do a compelling presentation, how to get hired, how to go international, and how to keep yourself relatively sane while riding the psycho-jet-set. Worth thousands of dollars in income, saved mistakes and wisdom, but available for much less than that in e-book form. Instant access.

How to Tell a Story Teleseminar Recording $60
Storytelling is an ancient means of effective and evocative communication. But not all stories or storytellers are created equal. This seminar, by master storyteller Bill O'Hanlon, will give you what you need to know to put together and tell a great story. For speakers, writers, therapists, coaches and just anyone who wants to be a great (or better) storyteller.

Includes handouts, slides and bonus story audio, as well as the recording of the call.

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