I have put the downloadable PowerPoint slides as PDFs from about the past month here on this site. You are welcome to not only yours, but to the others from recent presentations, although they may not make as much sense, since you weren't at the presentation. I keep the slides up on this page for about a month, sometimes longer. I remove any copyrighted material that I do not own from the slides before posting.

Remember the deal: You are free to use these slides yourself and share them with others for any non-commercial purpose and as long as you keep my name and contact information on them. If you want to use them in commercial (money-making) activities, please contact me directly to discuss and get permission or license them for a fee.

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Just right-click (for Windows) or ctrl-click (for Macs) on the slide or file and choose to download linked file.

Here are my slides from the USJT Spirituality conference in Santa Fe on August 2, 2016 as PDFs.

Inclusive Therapy Santa Fe 2016
Solution-Oriented Spirituality Santa Fe 2016
The Four Energies Santa Fe 2016

Next, the handouts to go with the Psychotherapy 2.0 Inclusive Therapy session:
Inclusive Therapy Handouts

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Hi Bill
Thanks for all your inspiration which finds its way into my work. You work hard just to ensure that the stuff that inspires you is passed on to us to enable us if we so choose. I can only tell you that responding in this way is something that I  have never done before.  I am always astounded by your genuine desire to help us to do the best we can for our clients.  But it is so much more than that; I have used so much of your stuff to bring about positive change in my own life.
I feel privileged to be on your mailing list. Thank you Meg Corser
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