Distance Learning: Ways to get Bill's information from afar

Internet-based courses

Visit http://www.nicabm.com for Bill's online courses on Ericksonian Hypnosis, Positive Psychology and Solution-Oriented Therapy: A Strength-Based Approach. The Hypnosis course is usually offered three times per year and the Solution-Oriented Therapy once or twice. They are intense and offer lots of CEUs and I think, great skill training and knowledge. They are audio-visual style courses, with slides and me talking about the slides. In addition, you have reading assignments, interaction with other participants from around the world, two telephone calls to support your learning.

Then there's Bill's course on how to write a book and get it published at
http://www.getyourbookwritten.com/Onlinebookcourse/Overview.html and his online course on how to become a paid public speaker at http://www.paidpublicspeaker.com/Online/page27.html

Audio courses for credit

Psychotherapy Networker offerings:
I have done several teleclasses through the Psychotherapy Networker. One on "Dealing with our most difficult clients," and another one on "Practical Applications of Positive Psychology in the Consulting Room." They were recorded and are now available for review for credit. Visit http://www.psychotherapynetworker.org for details.

J&K Seminars offerings:
There are a couple of courses offered through J&K Seminars. They are recordings of live workshops that are offered for continuing education credit.
Metaphors Be With You: Using Stories and Other Metaphorical Interventions in Therapy 6 hours credit
Spirituality and Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy 12 hours credit

USJT offerings:
There are a bunch of courses on tape from The US Journal Training. They are all short and provide 1.5 hours of credit. Click on this link to go to their site and use the course numbers to find the specific course you want (be sure to write down the course # before you click on the link). http://coldfusion.affiliateshop.com/AIDLink.cfm?AID=060925&BID=7774

Spirituality: The Missing Dimension in Psychology
The 11th Annual Counseling Skills Conference - 2005
Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFTDiscover a clear definition of spirituality thaT can even bring along the non-religious or anti-religion client. Learn a way to bring spiritual resources into therapy without imposing beliefs on clients. Price: $22.50  1.5 hours

Keeping Your Soul Alive: Spiritual, Personal & Professional Renewal
The 11th Annual Counseling Skills Conference - 2005
Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFTCome and get some renewal from burnout by reconnecting with passion, energy and purpose. Learn the four essential soul signals that tell us what we are meant to do with life and to recognize when we are off course. Price: $22.50  1.5 hours

Even from a Broken Web: Brief and Respectful Therapy With Adults Who Were Sexually Abused as Children
SEX23 02
Sexuality & Intimacy Conference - 2003
Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFTMany more people are remembering having been sexually abused and presenting with the after-effects of this abuse for therapy. This workshop will not dwell on the problems engendered by such traumatic experiences, but rather on the treatment of such clients. This is a non-pathology based model that serves to enlist the client’s partnership and resources in the treatment. This approach focuses on presenting concerns and goals to make therapy more brief and focused, providing an alternative to traditional, long term, past-oriented and cathartic approaches. Price: $22.50  1.5 hours

Rewriting Love Stories: Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy with Couples
SEX23 07
Sexuality & Intimacy Conference - 2003
Bill O'Hanlon, MS, LMFTCouples therapy can be one of the most challenging types of therapy. Often couples wait until a break-up is imminent before seeking treatment. At times, only one of the partners is motivated for treatment. Even when both seem motivated and eager for change, it is easy for the therapist and the couple to get bogged down with unproductive arguments and recriminations. This workshop will offer a clear, hopeful and respectful model for effective brief couples work. Price: $22.50  1.5 hours