Bill O’Hanlon Workshop Schedule 223 N. Guadalupe #278, Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA;

Instructions for reading this itinerary: Under the month you will find the date(s) of each workshop, the title and location of the workshop. On the second line is the sponsor’s name and contact information. If you are interested in attending a particular workshop, please contact the sponsor of that workshop for a brochure or to register. Thank you!

April 2015

24-26-I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair: Using Creative Rituals to Help Couples Move On and Heal; Reel Love: Couples issues through the lens of the movies; Love is a Verb: Using action talk to decrease misunderstanding and to find solutions in couples therapy; Manhattan Beach, California

October 2015

2-Solution-Oriented Therapy; Nashville, TN
Johanna Powell, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN

November 2015

5-The Anatomy of Engaging Stories: Elements That Make Readers Keep Reading (Hillerman Writing Conference); Santa Fe, NM
7-How to C.A.R.V.E. Your Platform to Snag Agents, Publishers, and Readers (Hillerman Writing Conference); Santa Fe, NM

December 2015

10-14-Keynote address and workshops; Topics to be arranged; 12th International Erickson Conference); Phoenix, AZ
Milton Erickson Foundation,

May 2016

19-22-Solution-Oriented Trancework: An Inclusive, Permissive Approach to Mind-Body Healing; San Francisco, CA
NLP Institute of California,; 801.883.9446

December 2017

13-17-Topics to be arranged; Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference); Anaheim, CA
Milton Erickson Foundation,