Bill O’Hanlon Workshop Schedule 223 N. Guadalupe #278, Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA;

Instructions for reading this itinerary: Under the month you will find the date(s) of each workshop, the title and location of the workshop. On the second line is the sponsor’s name and contact information. If you are interested in attending a particular workshop, please contact the sponsor of that workshop for a brochure or to register. Thank you!

November 2014
22-23-Resolving Trauma Without Drama; Tokyo, JAPAN
24-The Anatomy of Influence; Tokyo, JAPAN

December 2014
12-14-And They Changed Happily Ever After: How to Create and Tell Compelling Stories in Brief Therapy; Post-Traumatic Disorders Panel (w/ Francine Shapiro and Bessel van der Kolk); Possibility Therapy demonstration; Activating Creativity in Clients (w/ Stephen Gilligan); Future Pull: Creating Change From The Future Back (Brief Therapy Conference)
15-Brief Therapy Master Class (with Jeff Zeig); Orange County, CA

Milton Erickson Foundation,

March 2015

6-Out of the Blue: Six Non-Medication Ways to Relieve Depression; Hoffman Estates, IL

April 2015

24-26-Keynote address and two workshops; Topics to be arranged; Manhattan Beach, California

December 2015

10-14-Keynote address and workshops; Topics to be arranged; 12th International Erickson Conference); Phoenix, AZ
Milton Erickson Foundation,