Bill's Media Appearances

Here are some recent shows Bill has appeared on for interviews.

Bill on The Today Show March 17, 2008

Bill appeared on Santa Fe Radio Café on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 with host Mary-Charlotte and fellow guests Anne Hillerman of the Hillerman Writers Conference and WordHarvest Writers Workshops) and thriller writer David Morrell. You can listen to it on this site, download it or subscribe to their podcast in iTunes.

This is an interview with psychologist David Van Nuys on his radio show/podcast "Shrink Rap Radio." He talks to me mainly about psychiatrist Milton Erickson, one of my early therapy teachers and a big influence on my work and life, and solution-oriented therapy. You can download the audio file, listen to it on the site or subscribe in iTunes.

This is an interview with Kelly Howell on her Theatre of the Mind podcast. We talked about my audio program "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" and how people can get on track in their lives by discovering the sources of their energy and purpose.

Bill featured in a Spanish language magazine (print)