Foreign translations/editions of O’Hanlon books

Portuguese/Brazil and Portugal: Publisher: WORKSHOPY – Livraria, Editora e Promotora de Eventos, Caixa Postal 691, CEP: 13020-400, Campinas – Sao Paolo – Brasil, Fone: (0192) 31.9955, Tiltes available: Reescrevendo historias de amor [Rewriting Love Stories]; Raizes Profundas [Taproots]; Em busca de solucoes [In Search of Solutions]; Hipnose centrada na solucao de problemas [Solution-Oriented Hypnosis]; Breve guia de terapia breve [Brief Guide to Brief Therapy]; Publisher: Estrela Polar [Do One Thing Different]
: Publisher: Editorial Paidos Iberica, S.A., Mariano Cubi, 92 – 08021 Barcelona, Spain, or Editorial Paidos, SAICF, Defensa, 599 – Buenos Aires, Argentina, Titles available: En busca de soluciones [In Search of Solutions]; Races profundas [Taproots]; Guia breve de terapia breve [Brief Guide to Brief Therapy]; Amor es Amor Cada Dîa [Love is a Verb]; Pequeños Grandes Cambios [Do One Thing Different]; Crecer a partir de las crisis [Thriving Through Crisis]
: Publisher: Iskopress, Hamburg, Germany, Title available: eckpfeiler [Taproots]; Publisher: Klett-Cotta, Stuttgart, GERMANY, Title available: Milton H. Ericksons gesammelte Fålle [An Uncommon Casebook];; Publisher: Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag, Heidelberg, GERMANY, Title: [Rewriting Love Stories]; Publisher: Borgmann, Dortmund, GERMANY, Title: Das Wår’ Was! [A Field Guide to PossibilityLand]
: Publisher: Tammi Publishers, Eerikinkatu 28, 00180 Helsinki, FINLAND, Title available: Ratkaisut loytyvat [In Search of Solutions]
: Publisher: Natur och Kultur, Stockholm, SWEDEN, Titles available: En kort guide till strategisk korttidsterapi [Brief Guide to Brief Therapy]; Gor en sak annorlunda [Do One Thing Different]; Det kan bara bli batre [Thriving Through Crisis]
: Publisher: Forlaget politisk revy, Nansensgade 70, 1366 København K., Tel:, Fax, Title available: Nye Kaerlighedshistorier [Rewriting Love Stories]
: Publisher: SATAS s.a., Chaussée de Ninove 1072, B 1080 Bruxelles, Tel.: 32.2.569.69.89, Fax 32.2.569.01.23, Titles available: L’orientation vers les Solutions [In Search of Solutions]; L’hypnose oriente vers la solution [Solution-Oriented Hypnosis]; Guide du Thérapeute au Pays du Possible [Field Guide to PossibilityLand]
: Publisher: UNI Agency, Tokyo, Titles available: Taproots; Solution-Oriented Hypnosis; Brief Guide to Brief Therapy; Rewriting Love Stories; Escape From Depresso-Land: Brief Therapy of Depression (videotape); Field Guide to Possibility-Land; Guide to Inclusive Therapy, Solution-Oriented Therapy for Chronic and Severe Mental Illness; Quick Steps to Resolving Trauma.
: Publisher: Cribb-Wang-Chen/Bardon-Chinese Media Agency/Living Psychology Publishers, Titles available: Love is a Verb and In Search of Solutions; Domain Publishing Company, 3F, No.5, Lane 1, Fuhou St., Panciao City, Taiwan, Title available: Thriving Through Crisis;
: Publisher: BT Press, 17 Avenue Mansions, Finchley Road, London, NW3 7AX, 0171.794.4495; fax 0171.431.7636; Title available: A Field Guide to Possibility Land
Publisher: Przeklad, Zysk i S-ka Wydawnictwo, ul. Wielka 10, 61-774 Poznan, tel. (0-61) 853 27 51, 853 27 67, fax 852 63 26,; Title available: Stopem Po Terapii Krotkoterminowej [Brief Guide to Brief Therapy]
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